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Staging is a marketing tool.
Stage to sell!
Staging is an investment!
Staging costs less than your first price reduction!


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You can enhance the visual depth in any room by painting one wall a darker color. Also hang one mirror on the opposite wall.

Staging is a marketing tool.

Staging is a marketing tool. It is not just making the house look pretty. Good stagers know how to improve the appearance of a house to target the right audience of prospective buyers.  

Stage to sell!

Redesigning and staging boosts your selling price. Many buyers won't even place an offer if they think they will have to undergo an expensive and time consuming renovation. Other buyers will place a low offer ---40,000-60,000 off of the asking price. 

Staging is an investment!

Remember staging is an investment in getting maximum return from the real estate sale. The longer a home sits on the market, the more it costs the home sellers in taxes, utilities, etc. Also they will have to lower the price to get the buyer's attention. Price reductions always cost more than staging. 

Staging costs less than your first price reduction!

The cost of staging is less than your first price reduction!  Your first price reduction will cost around $10,000. Staging turns your home into a showpiece. We have thousands of dollars worth of inventory that is meticulously chosen to showcase and enhance your home beautifully, in person and online. 


Arranging your favorite things in a small cluster of vases or a short stack of books by kind and color will add to any table or bookcase. 


Add overhead lighting such as a chandelier 8'6" above the floor and a slender lamp to give off an inviting glow as guests enter your home. 


Cozy up your nook in your foyer by adding a small table and chair, or just a chair with a blanket. This will be welcoming to your guests.

Savvy Solutions for your foyer

Savvy Staging suggests placing a mirror at the end of of your hallway or foyer to catch light when entering. To add more brightness paint the mirror white!

De-clutter your drawers

 With fall right around the corner:

De-clutter Your Drawers Goodbye, beautiful summer days; hello, organized kitchen! Take control of your drawers by creating a place for everything. We love the durability of wooden drawer organizers like the ones from Williams-Sonoma—they offer the perfect blend of style and functionality.
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