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Decor ideas


You can enhance the visual depth in any room by painting one wall a darker color. Also hang one mirror on the opposite wall.

Reinvent your space

You can keep your personalilty flowing by placing your collectibles on display on a shelf or shelving units. You can show off your books or vintage collection. This design element can break up a wall and will also get you organized.

Reinvent your space

Repaint a room to redefine  the space and create the mood that want to achieve when entering. Light colors can make the room feel spacious. Yellow can bring a room to life. While blue's and greens bring in solitude.

Focal Point

You can create a focal point in every room. Place one surprising design element that pops with color and draws the eye.

Turn your junk room into a bedroom

Your extra bedroom  usually becomes a catchall for unfit furniture and boxes with contents that have nowhere to go. With a little savvy shopping and practical do-it-yourself ideas, you can transform your personal junk room into a guest suite that looks like a million bucks.

Winter decorating

You can add some elegance to your winter season and create your own winter wonderland by adding a palette of white, ivory and cream table settings, centerpieces, candles and home decor.

Autumn blooms

You can add natural beauty to any room with a pretty arrangement of autumn blooms. First purchase a stylish container, and then get creative with flowers, feathers, berries, and more..

Add a little natural light in

French doors are the perfect way to  let in natural light and add a beautiful design element all in one.  Try installing these doors between rooms or for the perfect entrance to a patio.  You can also create some drama by placing these doors going into your dining room.  French doors make your home appear larger.


Heighten the Drama

Curtain panels can add glamour and drama, increase privacy and block drafts.  You can hang thick, textured panels between rooms from a rod mounted near the ceiling.  Just make sure you choose an unlined style.
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