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Welcome Each Season with Indoor and

Outdoor Redecorating!

Refresh, Renew and Redecorate!

Call us to help you redesign!

We can help you add warm tones

to your home to create a beautiful space.

  • Savvy Staging &Associates, LLC will use what you already have and let our eye for design create a new design, by updating colors, re-arranging existing furniture, and adding the perfect accents.
  • By using simple design principles, new and fresh ideas, your room transformation is completed within a few short hours. We can re-decorate the space to reflect your personal taste and style.

Call Savvy Staging & Associates, LLC to schedule an

appointment for a consultation! 

The average cost of staging or re-decorating an entire home varies depending on what decor you already have and what needs to

be purchased.

Savvy Staging & Associates, LLC is in touch with a variety of affordable furnishings and decor which can dramatically improve the look of any home.

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